Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Power of Positivity (Part 1)

It's 11:36 and I'm not the LEAST bit tired. So I thought to myself, why not write a post for today? So here goes nothin'.

Today was a magnificent day. Today I got another confirmation that things always work out how they should. It has been a some-what stressful process...this whole planning a wedding on a shoe string (and by shoe string I mean a REALLY short shoe string). I have constantly been worried about how I am going to pay for my dress, Jackson's suit, the photographer, flowers, you name it! It just hasn't been the easiest task. Until about a week ago. As the days have gone by, blessings have been hitting me in the face ALMOST knocking me down. It seems like EVERY DAY some kind of charge falls off of my budget. Somebody knows somebody who just happens to be a seamstress. Or, who just happens to have a million strings of white lights. Trust me, I don't have any idea how this is happening. Ok wait back up.....I do. I know that God blesses us for doing what's right. He is very mindful of each of our specific situations and is eager to help us with everything. I've noticed through this process that He has been helping me every single day, and that to me is a sign of His support. I just can't believe it. It seems like when things are going our way, it is a lot easier to be happy and positive. However, when we are struggling or going through trials THAT is when it is most important to try and stay happy. I have learned a lot from my better half Jackson about looking on the bright side of things. Here is a big THANK YOU to him for that. I am becoming more and more aware and thankful for all the many blessings I do have. Cause let's face it, I have a lot. We all do.

On a different note, I had a very happy moment at the mall tonight. I was at the mall with my sister Briana and Jackson (who was currently in a different store than I was) when it FINALLY hit me that I am getting married. WOW. I am getting married!!!!! And in 7 1/2 weeks at that!!!!! I can't explain through this computer screen how filled with JOY I felt at that moment. Wow. I'm getting married. It's really happening. Not only is it happening, but I am getting married to my favorite person of all time. My soul mate. My best friend. My better half. My inspiration. My Jackson. I can't express my excitement for July 20th. Please come quick!

Okay, sorry for the ooey gooey tangent but I was just so unbelievably happy tonight in realizing what is going to happen in a matter of weeks. Back onto the topic of thankfulness and positivity. I can honestly say I have been making a conscious effort to try and stay positive. Granted, we all have those days where it seems like a big dark cloud is following us, but for the most part I have been doing pretty good! I have been going through some rough situations in the past couple of months, and it was SUPER important that I stayed positive through it all. Honestly, I have always had the tendency to freak out and be upset about situations, so this has been and IS a process. Lately though I have been noticing differences in my attitude. Good differences that is. :)

Positive thinking has to start the minute you wake up. This is where I started. Usually, I wake up around 9:00 thinking to myself "Ugh I am so tired, it's so early, I'm going to be tired for the rest of the day and not have energy to get stuff done."
-Hi. I'm Megan. And I am the perfect example of how NOT to start your day.
Really though, it has made a HUGE difference starting off the day on the RIGHT (not left) foot. I have been teaching myself how to start my day with positivity. I now wake up, wash my face, get dressed, and grab my planner. I write my entire day out to make sure I am making good use of my day. Because guess what? I am never going to get that day back again. If you start with the little things like training yourself to wake up in a good mood, and planning your day, the bigger stuff will be easier.

This post is getting a bit long, but there will be more to come on the topic later. :)

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